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NOTE 1: For a limited time, as an introductory offer, we have made available a $0.00 Code (5E81G8YQCWBY) that you can use on the Creator App Product Checkout page (for the 1 Year Subscription option) - a $9.99 value. This means this App will be FREE ($0.00), if you use the $0.00 Code at the Checkout.

NOTE 2: If you order the Creator App Subscription option using the $0.00 Code, our E-Commerce Vendor System will ask for your Credit Card information. This is their "Feature", which we cannot modify. Later you can cancel the Credit Card details if you do not want to extend the Subscription.

NOTE 3: I-LIVE-ON® (as the Merchant) does not store all the details of your Credit Card information. I-LIVE-ON® entirely uses our third-party E-Commerce vendor backend payment gateway and processes.

NOTE 4:  Subscription or One Time Payment (OTP) options are available, together with optional User Account.

NOTE 5: By downloading the Creator App, you are acknowledging that you have read and accepted the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and EULA as provided on our website, and also available on the Quick links below.

NOTE 6: Share your NowStory Multi-Media Slideshows with your family & friends for FREE. Ask them to download the free NowStory Player App.

FEEDBACK: Please email us at orders [at] i-live-on [dot] com (email address phonetically spelt to stop bot spamming).

IMPORTANT: Creator App will expire 365 days after activation. If you order the "One Time Purchase" option, then we will issue you a new download weblink via email every year, whilst we continue to make improvements to our Creator App.