NOTE 1: $2.95 (0.05 Year = 18 days), $34.95 (1 Year) for 0.1GB (100MB) ILO File. Longer service term options are planned.

NOTE 2: Your ILO File (produced by the Creator App) must be less than 0.1GB (100MB) in size and may contain approximately 35 to 50 Quality Digital Images or 4 x 2.5 minute Videos. Other LifeStory Options are also available.

NOTE 3: I-LIVE-ON® (as the Merchant) for your personal Privacy, does not store all the details of your Credit Card information. I-LIVE-ON® entirely uses the standard E-Commerce Provider (third-party) payment gateway and their processes.

NOTE 4: After your LifeStory is produced by the I-LIVE-ON Backend, we will email your personal I-LIVE-ON-LifeStory website url to the email address you provided when you placed your Order, using the "orders[at]i-live-on[dot]com" email address. Ongoing communication will also use this same email address, which includes a unique 13 digit LifeStory Order Number which will also be used for any further correspondence relating to your LifeStory. Please be patient, as it may take up to ~30 minutes before your I-LIVE-ON-LifeStory Service is available on your personal I-LIVE-ON website url.

NOTE 5: Your ILO File is uploaded by the LifeStory Service as a once off upload, no changes are allowed after the Service Order has been accepted. At the end of the Service Term, the ILO File will be purged, and the User "Who Am I?" webpage will be removed. The ILO File uses the .ilo extension which is a registered open format Zip File. The ILO File is used to share Stories through our various Player Apps and LifeStory Service.

NOTE 6: The LifeStory Service allows you to play & view a Story in Interactive Internet Mode (using an ILO File) available to anyone on the Internet. Each Chapter has the option of being Visible or Hidden. If you set the option to Visible, then all the Tiles that you have assigned to the Chapter will be displayed in your ILO File. If you set the option to Hidden, then all the Chapters with this setting will not be included in the Story; however they will be stored and fully available within your ILO File structure.

NOTE 7: By purchasing the I-LIVE-ON-LifeStory Service, you are acknowledging that you have read and accepted the Terms & Conditions, EULA and Privacy Policy as provided on the website, and also available on the Quick links below, and you are also acknowledging you have read the Notes directly above.

NOTE 8: I-LIVE-ON® may send you e-survey, seeking your feedback. We will manage this process respectfully.