Saving your digital memories into Standard Cloud Storage?

Think they will remain Long-Term viewable? They aren't.


 1. How can I create & store my Digital Memories that will both last and remain viewable for the Long-Term future?

2. Who knows the names of all their Great-Grandparents? 90% of people polled, were unable to fully answer this question. This might be me in the Future.

3. Baby Boomers are the first generation in History with a plethora of Computer Digital Content. I need an I-LIVE-ON Type System to store and enable viewing of my Story for the Long-Term future.




Creator App enables you to easily produce your Story, as the initial step in your Digital Legacy creation using all your File Types (not just Photos) - refer to Creator App - Video Guide.

Your Story can then be watched by Family & Friends using our various Player Apps and Services for viewing in:
* Presentation Mode –> NowStory Player App
Virtual Reality Mode –> VR-Theater Player App
* Internet Interactive Mode –> LifeStory Service