Have you saved your precious digital memories in Cloud Storage, thinking they will remain viewable for the long-term? They aren't.

Only I-LIVE-ON.com has the functionality to keep digital memories "Internet fresh and readable" into the future. I-LIVE-ON.com has enabled an Interactive Internet I-LIVE-ON-LifeStory Service which allows you to save digital memories into a unique System (patent pending) as a long-term Digital Legacy.

Just click on Creator App to see how easy it is to create Digital Multi-Media productions (i.e. NowStory) to start your Digital Legacy creation, as a Gift for the Future.

What will your LifeStory be?



Who knows the names of all their Great-Grandparents?
90% of people polled, were unable to fully answer this question. The reality is that this might be us in the Future ....

 Problem = How can I create my Digital Legacy that will last the ages?



I-LIVE-ON.com has developed a System which enables Users to easily produce Interactive Digital Multi-Media productions using your computer files and Creator App as the first step in your Digital Legacy creation.

Your Interactive Digital Multi-Media productions can then be shared with Family & Friends via various Player Apps and Services for: