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Multi-Media Slideshows assembled by your Creator App, for sharing with family & friends using the NowStory Player or VR-Theater Player Apps.

Viewable in Slideshow Format, Virtual Reality Format, and I-LIVE-ON-LifeStory Internet Format.

Digital Time Capsule Creation and Much More - The I-LIVE-ON SYSTEM 

Watch the short I-LIVE-ON INTRO to see and hear what I-LIVE-ON is all about.


The Multi-Media Slideshows can be used for any purpose.

We have also designed into our System the functionality to keep your digital files fresh and readable on the Internet – into the future. As such, we have enabled a LifeStory Internet Service that allows you to gather your family tree, historical photos, videos, data, and documents and save them in our System as your Long-term Digital Time Capsule.

Just click on our Creator App webpage to see how easy it is to create Multi-Media Slideshows and your Digital Legacy, as a Gift for the Future.

What will your LifeStory be?