Q1. What is a ILO File?

A1. Users can download the Creator App to their Computer, to produce (and view) their Interactive Digital Stories, that are saved in an "ILO File" Package. The ILO File uses the .ilo extension which is a registered open format Zip File.

Your Story ILO File can then be shared with Family & Friends, and the Story that you create can be viewed using the NowStory Player App or VR-Theater Player App. Your Story can also be viewed on the Creator App. Alternatively, the Story ILO File can be uploaded to the LifeStory Service and viewed on the Internet (also with the same interactive experience as the User receives on their Computer).

The interactive LifeStory Service provides much more functionality to the Viewer than ordinary Video Streaming does.

Q2. Is I-LIVE-ON® StoryTeller a "closed system"?

No, it isn't. Your Story "ILO File Extension" produced by our Creator App can be easily changed to a standard Zip File format, by changing the file format extension from .ILO to .ZIP (e.g., storyfilename.ilo --> This should allay any User concern that I-LIVE-ON® StoryTeller is a proprietary "closed system" and ameliorate the issue of "if I use I-LIVE-ON® StoryTeller, and then I-LIVE-ON Corporation closes - I will lose all my work!". No, you will not.

Additionally, another advantage for our Users, is that our I-LIVE-ON® StoryTeller System design does not automatically store your Story ILO File that you create - in the Cloud. Rather, it is a User decision to order a LifeStory Service before your Story would be uploaded to our I-LIVE-ON Backend that stores your Story in our specialized Backend Cloud System.

Note: If a User decides to change the file extension from the .ILO to .ZIP format, then our I-LIVE-ON Apps that are used to view and operate that particular Story ILO File will no longer operate. However, all your User data will still be inside your Story ILO File and will be viewable when extracted as a .ZIP file.

Q3. Why don't I just store all my "stuff" into traditional Cloud Storage?

A3. These Backup Services (such as Google Drive, DropBox, Apple iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive) do not manage the version control of the file types that have been stored inside their backup drives. Therefore in ~10 to 20 years, many of the files you stored away will no longer operate and be viewable.

Additionally, these Backup Services do not present your information in an "easy to view" format - therefore an interested party has to "hunt and peck" through the backup folders to find information. It is not presented to the viewer.

Also, often people are using a "free" Cloud Storage provider - which being free also means it is not covered by Terms & Conditions relating to how long the stored information will be available. Even if it is a "paid" Cloud Storage service - it will have a term limit, plus there is also the version control issue that is not addressed, as indicated above.

With the LifeStory Service, Users' information is upgraded and will remain viewable into the future, and is presented in an easy to view format that makes it a pleasant and interesting experience for your Viewers to watch. This is what I-LIVE-ON Corporation does - as its core (and only) business focus.

Q4. Why wouldn’t I just put my Pictures up on my own Website or use Facebook?

A4. The LifeStory Service is much much more than just your pictures. It is a collage of your full Digital Content, with your Documents, Family Tree, Videos, DNA data, Spreadsheets etc. all assembled by the easy-to-use Creator App. With this Service it will be possible to upload your ILO File to the Internet through the LifeStory Service, where it will be kept interactively viewable for the future.

Assume you have a personal website - with its associated ongoing costs and maintenance. Is their any guarantee that your personal website will still be active in 5, 25 or 100 years time? Will your content be updated and viewable in the future for the long-term? Most likely the answers are …. “No” and “No”. Using I-LIVE-ON® StoryTeller the answers are …. “Yes” and “Yes”.

Additionally, over 4.6 Billion pieces of content are added to the Internet per day. This means your Digital Content will become buried and may be lost, unless you take action, by using an I-LIVE-ON® StoryTeller type service.

Q5. How can I-LIVE-ON® ensure that the file formats in my Story are being stored and will still be readable in the future, say in 100 years time?

A5. I-LIVE-ON® StoryTeller System has been designed from its inception to be able to manage this very question from a technical perspective. It is not an after thought. This is what sets I-LIVE-ON apart from "standard" Cloud Storage. The solution and method behind our solution is part of our Patent Pending design, and we feel confident that as long as the world still exists (in 100 years), and there are Internet-type telecommunications networks available, that our overall I-LIVE-ON® StoryTeller System will keep your digital memories viewable for the future (refer our Terms & Conditions for the details). Also, read A6 below.

Q6. How can we ensure that the I-LIVE-ON® StoryTeller and associated LifeStory Service itself still be available for people to download in say 100 years time?

A6. This is a technical and commercial question. Our "technical" answer is in A5 above. This technical answer is the foundation for our commercial answer - which is detailed in the 2nd section of our Big Picture webpage.

Q7. Why are the Apps "Computer Downloadable" and not "Cloud Based"?

A7. This enables Users to be able to create and share their Story from the privacy and security of their own computer. Additionally, as a result, Users are not required to initially signup for any Membership portals, which is particularly important in the initial days of Users getting to know I-LIVE-ON® StoryTeller - whilst Users grow to understand the value the Creator App, Player Apps and LifeStory Service can provide to them. 

Q8. Are there any User Guides?

A8. Yes, there are User Guides accessible from within the Website, which provides User information on the various features and functionality of the Creator App, and various Player Apps & Services. The User Guides augment the “In-App” Tooltips and Helpscreens. The I-LIVE-ON® StoryTeller Introduction - Video provides an initial overview on the functionality of I-LIVE-ON® StoryTeller.

Q9. Does I-LIVE-ON CORPORATION have access to all my Credit Card details?

A9. No, absolutely not. Per information from the third-party E-commerce backend payment payment gateway vendor … “Credit Card information is securely stored on [vendor] side and merchants have no access to it except for the last 4 digits of the card number.” I-LIVE-ON® entirely uses vendor’s backend payment gateway and processes.

    Q10. How can I share my Story ILO File with others?

    A10. Users are able to share their Story ILO File with their Family & Friends, who are then able to view the Story by downloading the free NowStory Player App.


    A11. Go to the special website page at ABRAXIS JUNCTION, if you are up for the puzzle challenge.

    Q12. What is I-LIVE-ON® StoryTeller and what can it do for me?


    • An overall I-LIVE-ON® StoryTeller System that enables you to produce your Story on your Computer, and view it in a variety of formats (Presentation Mode and VR-Theater Mode) using the Player Apps and Creator App. You may then upload your Story ILO File via the I-LIVE-ON® StoryTeller System, and watch it in Interactive Internet Mode (on the Internet). All your Story information about your life or event, is told in your way - so as to tell and make it available to all, as your I-LIVE-ON-LifeStory;
    • A distributed System that initially resides on your Computer – accessible only by you, with a copy of your Story stored on your Cloud Share Drive for future hand-off to I-LIVE-ON® StoryTeller System - if you decide to sign up for a LifeStory Service;
    • Enables storage of your information, such as Personal Records & Letters, Life Thoughts, Message for your Future Descendants, Career, Photos, Personal History, Music, Poetry, DNA-data and Family Tree data etc. - available for future successor Internet’s;
    • Provides flexibility by allowing you to progressively build your Story, and to provide visible / hidden access to the Friends & Family that you share your Story with;
    • Future proofs your future On-line I-LIVE-ON-LifeStory, and will keep your Digital Memories viewable for the future;
    • Creates a Digital Legacy, by passing on your I-LIVE-ON-LifeStory details to future generations;
    • Solves the problem wherein social media websites are not "fit for purpose" for storage and presentation of your I-LIVE-ON-LifeStory in a format that will last the Long-Term eons;
    • Enables your Story to be available On-line in Internet cyberspace, via the LifeStory Service.

    Q13. What Apps and Services are planned for the future?





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