Q1. What Apps and Services are available now, and planned for the future?


Q2. Why wouldn’t I just put my pictures up on my own Website or use Facebook?

A2. The I-LIVE-ON-LifeStory Service is much much more than just your pictures. It is a collage of your full Multi-Media Slideshow, with your documents, family tree, videos, DNA data, spreadsheets etc. all assembled by the easy-to-use Creator App. With this Service it will be possible to upload your NowStory to the Internet where it will interactively be kept fresh and viewable over the eons.

Do you have a personal website - with its associated ongoing costs and maintenance? Is their any guarantee that your personal website will be active in 5, 25 or 100 years time? Will your I-LIVE-ON-LifeStory content be updated and viewable in the future for the long-term? Most likely the answers are …. “No”, “No” and “No”. Using I-LIVE-ON CORPORATION’s system the answers are …. “Yes”, “Yes” and “Yes”.

Q3. Are there any User Guides?

A3. Yes, there are User Guides accessible from within our I-LIVE-ON Website, which provides User information on the various features and functionality of the Creator App and our various Player Apps. The User Guides augment the “In-App” Tooltips and Helpscreens. The I-LIVE-ON Intro provides an initial overview of the functionality of the I-LIVE-ON® System.

Q4. Does I-LIVE-ON CORPORATION get access to my Credit Card details?

A4. No, absolutely not. Please see this article from Shopify … “Credit Card information is securely stored on Shopify side and merchants have no access to it except for the last 4 digits of the card number.” I-LIVE-ON® entirely uses Shopify’s backend payment gateway and processes.

Q5. Who are our Users?

A5. There are many market segments that the I-LIVE-ON® System will be of interest and applicable for, including:

  • Baby Boomers who wish to assemble their I-LIVE-ON-LifeStory, as a future Legacy for themselves, their relatives and descendants.
  • 30 to 50 year old Adults who wish to help assemble the I-LIVE-ON-LifeStory of their Parents.

Q6. How can I share my NowStory with others?

A6. Users will be able to share their NowStory ILO files with their family & friends, and they will be able to view your NowStory by downloading the free NowStory Player App.


A7. Go to our special website page at ABRAXIS JUNCTION, if you are up for the puzzle challenge.

Q8. What is the I-LIVE-ON® System and what can it do for me?


  • An overall System that enables you to produce and present your NowStory on your Computer, view it in a variety of formats (Slideshow and VR-Theater) using our Player Apps and then upload it to the Internet via the I-LIVE-ON® System, so that all your information about your life, is told in your way - so as to tell and make it available to all, as your I-LIVE-ON-LifeStory;
  • A distributed System that initially resides on your Computer – accessible only by you, with a copy of your NowStory stored on your Cloud Share Drive for future hand-off to the I-LIVE-ON® System - if you decide to sign up for a I-LIVE-ON-LifeStory Service;
  • Enables storage of your information, such as Personal Records & Letters, Life Thoughts, Message for your Future Descendants, Career, Photos, Personal History, Music, Poetry, DNA-data and Family Tree data etc. - available for future successor Internet’s;
  • Provides flexibility by allowing you to progressively build your NowStory, and to provide visible / hidden access to the friends & family that you share your NowStory with;
  • Future proofs your future On-line I-LIVE-ON-LifeStory, and guarantees it will be fresh and “readable”;
  • Creates a legacy, via passing on your I-LIVE-ON-LifeStory details to future generations;
  • Solves the problem wherein social media websites are not fit for purpose for storage and presentation of your I-LIVE-ON-LifeStory in a format that will last the Long-Term eons;
  • [FUTURE FEATURE] Future plans to enable your NowStory to be available On-line in Internet cyberspace for centuries to come, via our I-LIVE-ON-LifeStory Service.