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Creator App empowers you to quickly and easily assemble your Story, all from the safety and privacy of your Computer.

We enable you to create your own Content (including Videos, Pictures, Voice, Documents, Family Tree, DNA Data etc.) on your Computer, and then make it super easy for the Content to be assembled, presented, shared and stored by our I-LIVE-ON StoryTeller System.

NOTE 1: OTP (One Time Purchase)= $19.95 or Subscription (1 Year)= $9.95

NOTE 2: By downloading the Creator App, you are acknowledging that you have read and accepted the Terms & Conditions, EULA and Privacy Policy as provided on the website. The Creator App download will use the delivery[at]shopify[dot]com email address to deliver your download weblink to your designated email address you have provided in your Order "Info".

NOTE 3: Your ILO File (produced by the Creator App) that you save on your Computer or personal Google-Drive Cloud Storage will not expire. The ILO File uses the .ilo extension which is a registered open format Zip File. Your ILO File is used to share your Story using our various Player Apps and LifeStory Service.

NOTE 4: The Mac (Apple) option does not function on iPadOS mobile operating system devices, such as iPad.

NOTE 5: I-LIVE-ON® (as the Merchant) for your personal Privacy, does not store all the details of your Credit Card information. I-LIVE-ON® entirely uses the standard E-Commerce Provider (third-party) backend payment gateway and their processes.

NOTE 6: Any Software Updates we issue may also be available via emailed update weblinks.

NOTE 7: I-LIVE-ON® may send a e-survey, seeking your feedback. We will manage this process respectfully e.g. only issue the e-survey once. We may provide an incentive to respond to the e-survey.

FEEDBACK: Please email using orders[at]i-live-on[dot]com (phonetically spelt)