"I think the Creator App is user friendly, easy to navigate, has many options and nice graphics, I like it!" - Ann-Sofie from Sweden

“I-LIVE-ON® StoryTeller makes it easy to create Stories, when compared to the other available options in the Marketplace. This is way better than any App I could make.” - Matt from Seattle, USA (UX Expert)

“I-LIVE-ON’s LifeStory Service is like a digital time capsule, and perhaps may become the embodiment of Asimov’s Encyclopedia Galactica (from the Foundation Series). It will generate buzz.” - Anna from Seattle, USA

“I-LIVE-ON® StoryTeller offers an App and Services Portfolio that Users will easily understand. Investors will be interested as they will be able to comprehend what I-LIVE-ON® does – and won’t need to struggle and scratch their heads to figure out what we are doing. No rocket science required!” - Roger from Silicon Valley, USA

“I-LIVE-ON® StoryTeller isn’t Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter (X) …. You have crafted something very different here, which Users are going to like.” - Christian

“I can see that I-LIVE-ON® StoryTeller is very likely going to morph into something big.” - Allen