Many years ago, my fascination with ancestry investigations led me down a path of discovery - who were my ancestors? What did they do? Where did they come from? As I delved deeper into my family's history, I realized that the same questions could be asked about me, and about every single person, in the future.

Sitting in my backyard, enjoying a summer day with my wife, we pondered the idea of creating our own LifeStory system, one that could be preserved and shared with generations to come. But after some research, we were surprised to find that there were few systems available to enable this concept.

We knew that if we didn't act, our own legacy would be lost to time, just like our ancestors'. And so, with a passion for preserving personal history, we set out to create I-LIVE-ON. A revolutionary platform that allows individuals to document and share their LifeStory, ensuring that their legacy lives on for generations to come.

With I-LIVE-ON, your LifeStory will remain fresh, readable, and viewable for decades, even centuries to come. No longer will future generations struggle to research their ancestors or learn about the people who came before them. Join us in preserving the past and securing the future, with I-LIVE-ON.



For several years, we tirelessly explored and experimented with various ideas and methods in the pursuit of bringing I-LIVE-ON to life. We encountered setbacks, obstacles, and faced the typical ups and downs of a new startup venture. To say it was a mere "challenge" would be an understatement - it was a true struggle.

But through unwavering tenacity and dedication, the I-LIVE-ON Team persevered and overcame the obstacles that lay in our path. We are proud to announce that I-LIVE-ON has officially launched its Apps and Services and is available to you on this very website.

Still in its early stages, I-LIVE-ON remains a startup company. Having already climbed the metaphorical equivalent of Mount Everest to create what we have today, we are now setting our sights on an even greater challenge. This is the Marketing of I-LIVE-ON, which is like a new second climb up the towering Olympus Mons (the tallest mountain on Mars, taller than Mt. Everest). As we continue to evolve and grow, we remain committed to our mission of enabling the creation and preservation of personal legacies for generations to come.

Please watch the short I-LIVE-ON INTRO to see and hear more details on what I-LIVE-ON is all about.